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Wolf & Moon

OK so you know that I love, love to share what and who I know about designers, makers, artists – creative people doing cool stuff – right? The thing is since I discovered absolutely gorgeous jewellery brand Wolf & Moon I have found myself jealously guarding it as a treasured secret!

Two reasons; one, I should not alert my loved ones to this brand so that I can spend the rest of the year buying all my gifts for them from Wolf & Moon and two…because I want it all to myself! (I do realise that point one and point two dont really correlate, I really do).

Wolf and Moon is the brilliant work of British designer Hannah Davis, and is based in Hackney London. What might be at present a modest size company, is I am sure destined for world domination. I cant quite remember how I stumbled across this brand, and I immediately purchased a necklace and a pair of earrings. And this wont be the last purchase, of this I am sure.
I actually find it really hard to find jewellery that I like which is also less than my years salary, and these pieces are affordable and yet so well made and presented. I am hoping I can persuade them to accept a commission for a brooch or two.
Visit their site immediately, I also recommend checking out the blog which offers a delightful insight in to the W+M studio life. Prepare to fall in love with the collection…..