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This week I wanted to talk about menswear, after being inspired by a couple of new acquisitions by Native Youth which I’ve been wearing non-stop lately. An excellent British brand coming out of Manchester, Native Youth offer elements of Japanese workwear, British heritage and simple, classic, wearable streetwear. This is a brand that make it easy to expand in to the men’s section for extra options to incorporate in to your wardrobe, as I found out recently.

The first piece I have been wearing non-stop is this monochromatic gothic mens bomber. Comfy and cosy, this hits my hips where I want it to, and provides lots of interesting texture with the contrast sleeve and details. This has been great to layer up and play with the textures; gillets, mens shirts tied around the waist, hoods coming out the top – whatever the weather permits.

There’s a reason why going “boyfriend” with your daily essentials is so appealing for the girlfriend: we all love that relaxed, free-fitted, effortless vibe, especially as summer approaches. With certain styles I also find that the female counterpart doesn’t always sit on my body in the way I would like. All I need to do is check out the mens section and just like that, I’ve doubled my options and can play with cuts that fit me in a different way.

The second piece from Native Youth that I’ve been enjoying is this simple grey and black puffa. It’s a mens cut, so offers plenty of length for me, but is size XS, so doesn’t bulk out my small frame excessively. The slate grey suiting-type fabric, black trimmings and zip details make this an understated pleasure to wear. Fine for the urban setting, but I’ve loved wearing it during dirty weekends in the country with boots. Practical and no nonsense.

Take the “boyfriend” look to the next level, and broaden your wardrobe horizons

This probably seems obvious to many of you, but how many times have you explored the mens sections of your favourite stores? Not only will you find pieces which your girlfriends won’t have, but you can also share these pieces with the man / larger person in your life.

You might be wondering why I’m showing you coats in May, but let’s be real, I’m in the UK and it snowed last week. As far as I can tell, its always a good time to have some new coats on rotation. As a Brit perhaps it’s ingrained in me never to leave home without a coat? Either way, I’m still wearing them every day, therefore they are still relevant – that’s my logic.

But fear not, you don’t need to sweat in a jacket to support this brand: they’ve created plenty of garms to set you up all year round – and their beautiful lightweight, oversized co-ords are just the ticket for when the sun really does come out. Head over to their site and let me know which pieces you are loving right now. And don’t forget to check the mens section too!

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