holiday style

with a little help from rosy nicholas

Hello friends! This week I’m heading off to sunny Sardinia hand in hand with my hubby to have our belated honeymoon! We got married back in April but wanted to wait for the hot weather. Now it’s finally here and we’re both SO excited!

Living in the UK I’m rather lacking in the beach wear department, but I’m also reluctant to spend loads on a summer wardrobe that I’ll only be able to use for 2 weeks of the year. I found a few cute dresses for the trip but was still without a beach bag.
So what better way to get in to the summer lovin’ mood than a quick update on an old basket, with a little help from our favourite crafty girl Rosy Nicholas. Yes, I’ve been banging on about her new book Dress You Up – but with good reason! This project only took me 30 minutes to put together and cost less than a fiver on materials, so I thought it was well worth a share.

Using Rosy’s book as my guide, I combined 2 projects and made this beach bag ensemble. It’s so fun and colourful, I love it! I opted for some multi-coloured pom poms to really go for the vintage Mexican vibe. Plus that way it will match whatever I’m wearing that day. Handy!

To create this look I used

1 x worse-for-wear basket – thrifted at the market £3
9 x yarn colours from my stash – all inexpensive
1 x glue gun + glue stick –available from all craft shops and online for under a fiver
A piece of card
A needle – large enough to use with the yarn

make up your pom poms using your chosen colours…

get your glue gun warmed up and ready to go…

apply the glue in to a parting on your pom pom and press firmly to the bag while it sets…

Next up is tassles! I threaded 3 in to an old hole in the center with my needle and tied them in a knot on the inside to secure them…

Hey presto! all i need is a towel and a cocktail and i’m ready for the beach!

If you like the look of these projects and want more detailed instructions on how I did them check out the book!


Items like glue guns can often be overpriced at shops like Hobby Craft. Try finding your supplies in the hardware department of shops, or in shops such as Wilko, who have everything and are really cheap.

If you don’t have lots of yarn colour options and don’t want to spend lots of money on a project, I recommend shopping for yarn at cheap haberdasher shops such as Shaws. It won’t be pure wool but it’ll be the best selection of bright colours, and they usually only charge £1 per ball – cheap as chips!

Thanks for stopping by!

And that’s all there is to it! I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know if you have a go at it. Did you pick up a copy of the book for yourself? I’d love to know! Get in touch on my socials @sarikathakorlal.