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Weekend Thrift Goodness

Last week I went thrifting and came up with a few bits of treasure. Always a good way to spend the weekend!
First stop: Bristol’s famous Gloucester Road. A very, very long road with excellent independent shops, heaps of charity shops and scores of vintage and thrift stores. You could easily spend an hour or two on a leisurely scour along this street and stop off at one of the excellent coffee shops for some caffine-based sustenance (or two bloody marys in our case!).
First I scored some fabulous curtain fabric (my Achilles heel I fear) which was just too good to pass up. £20, excellent condition and a good size to either restore to two curtain pieces and hang, or use for upholstery. Quant style flowers and a gorgeous happy yellow colour. I just had to take it home with me!

The following day took me to a favourite charity shop in Gloucester; I hardly ever get to go over to that part of town so I always try and make the trip to this treasure trove. 15 minutes and a quick whizz round the store later, I came up with a really cool large set of midcentury tableware bearing a design I’d never come across before. Called ‘Rock Fern’ by well known potters from the era Meakin, it’s a really kitschy design over fine lines.

This store also had a fantastic collection of old glass bottles; milk, water, beer- all sorts of bottles and all very hard to resist! But in the end I settled on this very cool bottle embossed with the name ‘Carmarthen’, which is a charming little place in Wales- and it is a very sentimental place for me. Suddenly this bottle was an essential purchase (you know how I love those) and I resolved to keep flowers and twigs in this antique bottle. Like I said: essential.

Not exactly a mountainous haul but fantastic items none-the-less! Quality not quantity. Or in my case rarity over quantity!
I’d definitely recommend going to Bristol to check out the thrifting possibilities, it was a lot of fun! If you have a favourite spot for thrifting I’d love to hear about it!
This week I’ve got more thrifting vintage news to share with you so keep your eyes peeled for that. Until next time- Cheerio!

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