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Wanderlust Life Jewellery

Recently, while shouting about the brilliant jewellery designs of Wolf & Moon, I mentioned how difficult I find sourcing jewellery which I really like but which also fits in to my budget.
I like things with weight, with clout, with sustenance – and by this I don’t mean FSC materials (although having a sustainable company is of course a great potential side effect of any business) – no, I mean in terms of it’s sound design, and subsequent timelessness. Vintage works because it is often classic and timeless. Finding modern pieces which I can equally afford but will also stand the test of time was – for me – a tricky affair. But check out handcrafted jewellery design label Wanderlust Life. Created by colleague and friend Georgie Roberts, I saw her pieces before I ever met the lady herself, and was instantly in love.

“Every stone or charm is unique, with its own meanings and properties inscribed on the packaging”

Faceted semi-precious stones in amazing colours are strung on a natural tone thread, so that they just ‘float’ on the skin.
This is a well executed, understated and super chic concept. Wear one or wear three – I find it hard to imagine getting these pieces wrong. The idea that they are so small and delicate also makes me think of a nomad travelling light….
Georgie lives on the coast of North Devon in Britain but is a wanderer at heart, often fleeing seaside life during the winter months in search of far flung destinations. It was whilst on these travels that the idea of Wanderlust Life was born. Her pieces play on the romance of travel and the magic of carrying a little jewel from a far away place. Every stone or charm is unique, with its own meanings and properties inscribed on the packaging.

Wanderlust Life was established only a year ago, not that you would ever know it from how established a brand it appears. Georgie’s next big move is to begin sourcing other products made by like-minded designers by travelling the globe, and continuing to reaffirm her wander lust.

Make your purchases these pieces on the website here
I have it on good authority that these make exceptional gifts as well (they tick so many boxes!) so although I have so far only bagged a couple for myself, I know I’ll be back for more!
Happy choosing!