the ugly girl gang leader

You know that moment when you’re off on an Instagram Quest, you’ve been gone for so many days that you’ve grown a beard and the light of day is a mere memory to you. Your boyfriend is in the next room shouting that dinner is getting cold but you just can’t hear him any more, you are lightyears apart. All you can think of is The Quest, going from new amazing suggested person to new amazing suggested person, taking a gazillion screenshots so as not to forget all these new discoveries; artists, designers, girl crushes- but then the page refreshes itself for some unknown, godforsaken reason- jolting you back to the here and now, without a way to trace your steps to where you were and to those people you were about to become obsessed with. Move over Inception, this is Instagram time, OK.
Just me? Naaaaa!

ANYWAY. I have been busy gathering some real goodies to share with you, I can hardly choose which to start with! So just sit back, relax and enjoy the next few weeks as the posts trickle out, all over you joyously, and have you reaching for your wallet to buy this new amazing awesomeness (you don’t know how you didn’t know about it already, but you know that now you must know even more, you know?) and don’t forget you can subscribe using the box below as always, if you don’t want to miss a trick(le).


Lets kick this thing off with a major fangirl moment of mine, Tuesday Bassen. A cap-busting, vintage four-eyes rockin’, badass illustrator chic who makes highly covetable stuff for me and you. Based in LA, her portfolio boasts some seriously hot clients and some seriously ugly girls. And she’s the gang leader.

Oh! to be one of her characters. With their over-shoulder glares, their gutsy pouts, their DILLIGAF wardrobes! But why stop there, enter her world of thrift-violence (a concept only truly understood by hardcore thrifters-for-life), and alien vs space cowgirl wrestling matches? Enter Tuesday’s mind and begin the tough choice of what to buy.


I love all of her work and although choosing faves was hard, her pins and patches are my current obsession and have me #WANTING so bad that I need to go out and buy a denim jacket just to put them on! Jen Gotch feels me on this, and I’m pretty sure now you do too…

This is a major hot-to-watch trend incoming, upcoming, from where and whom I know not, I just need all the pins man! More on your fave illustrators working this vibe still to come!

Thanks for stopping by!

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