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the rise and rise of LUCKY DIP CLUB

Many of you will already be aware of Lucky Dip Club, of fast fame on the vintage and craft scene. However if you haven’t already joined the hottest new club in town, you’re in for a treat…

Have you ever wished you could have a monthly subscription which was something you could really look forward to more than a glossy mag? Perhaps wished for something more exciting than junk mail to land on your doormat? Or wished for the perfect gift for someone you love, that just keeps on giving? I know you have. Enter Lucky Dip Club, a handmade, vintage-inspired subscription surprise postal service created by designer and professional thrifter Leona Thriftola. Each monthly box is themed, full of handmade, vintage-inspired mystery objects, including accessories, stationery, a DIY kit and a personalised product. Genius!

Lucky Dip Club has cultivated a serious following, boasting over 1K happy customers, been featured in countless notable blogs and magazines on the scene and has become so in demand that there are rumours of subscribers setting their alarms for the crack of dawn so as to beat the crowds to the limited monthly subscriptions- lest they miss out!
Clearly Leona has hit on something which has resonated with her market and tapped in to something new and fresh, by using something as old as time: the post.

With this post box mania gripping the vintage/craft subculture folk in the UK, Im left marvelling at the success of this ‘snail-mail’ concept in a world of instant consumption. We Insta, we Tweet, we Pin, we hashtag that we want it now now now. So perhaps waiting for this slow-burner of a surprise box is all part of the fun. Receiving something so beautifully made, personalised, prepared and posted, while you wait as patiently as if it’s Christmas eve is so refreshingly different! Perhaps Lucky Dip Club has reminded us to take a little time to stop and smell the roses, appreciate the things we like; rather than skim over it, double tap a heart on it, and instantly forget it. The number of subscribers alone proves that we are happy to wait for something- as long as it’s good!

Leona certainly knows what she’s doing; this isn’t the first cult brand that she has created. She moved to London to study fashion at the age of 16 and turned her charity shop and retro obsessions in to pop culture jewellery brand Lady Luck Rules OK, and Thrift-ola, her blog and online shop which was way ahead of its time.

Through this journey Leona has certainly established a recognisable brand aesthetic, through her love of kitsch, vintage and handmade. She has the ability to curate and style objects from the scrap heap and recreate their place in the world as treasured vintage gems. Expect to meet cats in waistcoats, eye-wateringly bright colours, retro vibes and the odd ’70s thermos in Leona’s world.

Lucky Dip Club is marketed as ‘the perfect gift’ and I have no intention of disagreeing there. I seriously urge you to check this out, and treat yourself or someone you love to a subscription. Follow @luckydipclub on Instagram to get involved in all the excitement! As for me, I will be keeping an eye firmly placed on Leona Thrift-ola – to see what she comes up with next!

Come along to Lucky Dip Club’s first ever Crafternoon and meet-up which will be held in the super cute Velvet Marie kawaii cafe in Dalston. All the DIY kits featured in the boxes so will be provided; budgie bunting, fox sleep mask, washi mini flags and the kit from October’s box which is still a secret! Alternatives will be provided for those who have already made all of these items so you can make a completely unique version! The craft tables will be full of washi tape, bakers twine, felt, googly eyes and more!

Venue address: 85 Dalston Lane, London E8 2NG.
Date: Sunday 16th November.
Time: 1pm to 4pm.

Price: £10 includes all the materials to make as much stuff as you like and a sumptuous hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, tea or coffee and lashings of homemade cake.
Places are limited so please book your space early to avoid disappointment.

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