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Tatty Devine at the Royal London Hospital

Tatty Devine have been whetting my appetite for weeks with sneak peeks on their exciting installation within the wards of the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. It launched this week and I knew I had to make time to go and see it for myself.

A commission by Vital Arts as part of a wider project to work with exciting artists to create an uplifting hospital environment, Harriet and Rosie (who need no introduction) are responsible for this particular installation, which is the latest in this vast and bold project.

I took a trip down to Whitechapel; the hospital is opposite the station and there are fun notices taped to intricate rainbow tiles throughout the hospital directing you to the ward in question. The effect of the installation is overwhelming; these sunburst kaleidoscopic rainbow shapes are both uplifting and joyful, as well as educational. Potentially scary doorways (such as those for X-ray rooms and other procedures) are transformed in to magical portals, lit up and decorated with glitter, mirror and opaque laser cut shapes in dependable Tatty Devine style; positioned in beautifully arranged colour-ways. To imagine the effect of this space on the children who will be passing through, it really does make the whole concept of being inside a hospital a little less bleak.

I happened to enter the ward at a quiet time. That is to say: no one was in sight throughout my visit, I had the entire place to myself to gawp and admire these amazing displays without worrying about being in anyone’s way!

I can honestly say that I haven’t seen anything quite so joyful and touching in a while. It is simply magical. If you are in East London, head down there. If you’re not- go anyway! It is so easy to get to that really there isn’t any excuse.

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London Royal Hospital is in Whitechapel in East London and can be easily reached via the Underground (the station is across the street from the hospital) or by bus. Do look in to Vital Arts and their other exciting projects and noble aims, I really think they are where it’s at!