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swag my case x camille walala

You already know Camille Walala. Yes know her really well. She is the creative force behind all those colourful, geometric, tribal, 80s-inspired patterned buildings you’ve been seeing all over town. And all over Instagram. And on loads of other stuff.
But did you know about her work with Swag My Case? The little joyful piece of Camille that you can dress your phone in and carry around in your pocket? Let me introduce you…

Yep. I don’t really need to say anything else do I? Thought not. Head on over to Swag to check out her entire range.
There are so many good designs and available in every device so the decision making on which one to get is TOUGH!

I finally saw this well-known facade (below) in person last week and it really is just so striking, happy and FUN! I urge you to visit Camille’s website immediately; it is pure colour-and-form joy. As familiar as I too have become to Camille’s energising and instantly recognisable murals all over huge London facades, I was pleasantly surprised to find so much more of her work and of the artist herself on her site, shop and blog. You can even buy her prints!!


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