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Shoorah Shoorah

People think that I must have a huge wardrobe and an even bigger accessory collection because I always look like I’m rocking different wares, but in actual fact I don’t have that much because I’m very picky- and this is particularly true of jewellery. I feel like its only in the last year or so that I’ve started to figure out what I like, and generally (like everything else) it’s items from small designer-makers or independent, well curated stores. Thank goodness for Instagram – a day doesn’t go by without a discovery of some new, fantastically talented maker! It was during one such merry scroll that I stumbled upon maker and rope fiddler Sian McLachlan of Shoorah Shoorah

Here Sian proficiently produces incredibly intricate rope necklaces and nifty knot pot hangers. Like any skilled craftsman, she makes the impossible look effortless and easy – which of course it is not. The textures, the tactile quality and the weight of the pieces is what first caught my eye; these are not fanciful little accessories: they mean it. Unapologetically bold and beautifully finished, they are gorgeous in their simplicity. At such an accessible price point too, the only question is: which ones to choose?

As much as I enjoy the brightness of Sian’s work throughout the entire collection, personally I adore the shades at either end of the spectrum: the lights and the darks; I feel like these shades really allow the glossy fibers of the rope to shine and showcases the texture and dimension in the piece; the technique and structure takes center stage here.

I absolutely love this Rosetta Knotted pendant in black which I commissioned from Sian, and have been thinking about a Knot Pot Hanger in some nude shades, I think that would look really minimalist and stylish with a contrast pot! Do check out the brand here and here I would love to know what you think and which pieces are catching your eye. Until next time folks, shop indie X

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