Conscious beauty


This week we are taking a closer look at Sacet – a luxury jewellery company with a refreshingly grounded and conscious approach. Aiming to change the ways in which the jewellery market has always worked, Sacet strive to be considerate of the welfare of their craftspeople, the communities they work with and their environmental impact as a business. Boasting 100% recycled silver, ethical polished diamonds and gemstones and eco friendly packaging to boot – there is literally nothing not to love about this small and perfectly formed brand…

Too often ethical brands are not design-lead enough for me, but this is definitely not the case with Sacet; as they take a defiant stance on production in the jewellery market they also embrace artisan culture and keep design at the forefront of their collections. With the glitz and glamour they exude as a brand – from the lux packaging to the opulent designs at the top of their range – it satisfies every craving for the sparkling jewels, whether you know about their ethics or not.

“..As important as the jewellery itself, it’s essential to create a beautiful piece of craft in an environment, which is conducive to cultivate the craft..”

What most attracted me to the brand was the fact that you get an introduction to the designers and the craftsmen behind each piece in the collection AND the fact that they have this super handy (and super free) try at home service.
As someone who is very particular about the fit and feel of everything I wear and who also loves choosing special gifts for loved ones, the Sacet home trial service is not only a dream of practicality – it also feels like the epitome of luxury. Who doesn’t like a beautiful box of jewellery delivered to their door? I mean Who?

I ordered a few pieces for myself and another which I had in mind for a gift. I could take my time deciding, having a few days to send pictures to my friends (“Which ones?!”) and getting a second opinion from my family on the gift option which was super helpful. When it came decision time I felt really confident on my choices before having Sacet make them for me. The whole transaction was so smooth and low maintenance and felt really special ordering them just for me. It really was quite the decadent treat!

I admire any brand that challenges the traditional ways of industries and it seems that more and more brands are moving in this direction. Often the consumer has no idea of the hidden costs to produce the product of their desire – underpaid employees and bad working conditions are the last thought on anyone’s mind on the immaculate shop floor under the glittering lights. The Sacet mission and message as a brand is so clear, their aesthetic so timeless and classic, I believe their designs really tap in to the needs of a wide range of people.

Wear it, flaunt it, let them make it!

Their story is definitely one of interest, all of it just adding to the pleasure of buying with them – helping you choose beautiful jewellery, knowing you are contributing to the communities they work with and are supporting a worth-while brand. If you haven’t already, please do head over to the site and let me know which pieces you are coveting. I think I’m going to have to snap up a ring or two….or three…?

Sarika x

Thank you for stopping by this week, this post was written in collaboration with Sacet but all opinions expressed are my own, and I hope were of interest to you! Please head over to the Sacet site and let me know if you are tempted to take advantage of their try-at-home service, and be sure to show their Instagram some love too. Until next time x