Site Fest

Polyrhythmic Snarl

Introducing Edward Lawrenson and Sam Marsh, the highly skilled duo behind Polyrhythmic Snarl who are returning to Stroud’s Site Festival again this year. Exploring collaboration and process, these paintings use geometric shapes, line and form to trick the eye and manipulate the sense of space.

When viewing this Magic Eye visual trickery on kite-shaped canvases I get the distinct impression that I am somehow being drawn in and hoodwinked by these master painters. Attempting to locate the start and the end of these intertwining colourful forms is near impossible but that doesnt stop the viewers eye from trying to make sense of it all. In the end you can take from it what you will – I enjoy the abundance of immaculate colourways and the feeling that I cannot look away…..

This is a teaser of a show, only running from 9th – 11th May on Kings Street in Stroud Gloucestershire so get this one in your diary. Visit the site for all current works. Highly recommended!