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open studios at stafford mill

Last night I went to the private view for this seasons open studios at Stafford Mill in Gloucestershire.
Hosted by three designer-makers, along with two guest makers, I was so excited to visit this enviable studio of my very good friends to see their latest work. Stafford Mill is called home by a trio of makers; fabric ‘upcycler’ Studio Vee, vintage jewellery magpie Sanguinello and silk weaver Leto & Ariadne. All employing different practices but all to a high standard, and their space is so thoroughly owned by their tastes and inspirations that I challenge anyone to pay a visit to their studio and not feel the itch to do something creative.

The studio is open all weekend, while also playing host to guests jeweller Elaine Day and Ange Mullen-Bryan, whose paintings look so right in this space they almost blend in a little too well! Check out the Facebook page for all the details
Visits end at 5pm on Sunday night. This event is part of the very highly respected Stroud Internation Textiles open studio trail, which attracts people from far and wide to this wall Cotswold pocket which is bursting with talent. Check out the entire line up for this season here.

Here’s sisters Victoria Sangwine-Gould and Gemma Sangwine looking fabulous in their studio space. Full to the brim of vintage furniture, jewellery, fabrics galore and extravagant headwear (and lets not forget trusty studio mascot Watson the dog!). Sadly weaver Nick Ozanne wasn’t captured here but let me assure you that he was looking his dapper self as per! I leave you with a glimpse of his wall of colourful happiness!

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