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open studio for pre christmas art shopping

Having your studio at home sure has its perks. You can have an idea in the middle of the night and execute it there and then and you can work your practice to fit completely around the other demands in your life. But flip that around and you will find that in this perfect set up is hidden many pit falls. For one thing you can end up over working when you’re supposed to be playing, you can get distracted by the many things that can crop up at home that need your attention; and instead of tackling a difficult problem with your work you suddenly realise how much you need to clean the kitchen cupboards! Most of all though is that making work is a solitary task and it can get very lonely if you are putting in long hours. I found that as much as I loved being at home making work in my pyjamas all day, I was also missing talking to someone other than myself!

I had the chance to move in to an amazing textile studio only a few minutes walk from my house and I thought i’d be a fool not to go for it, even if just to see how it compared to working alone. Well, so far so good! Its a brilliant space set up for silkscreen and dying big quantities of fabric. Im working alongside designers who are established in the trade and have pearls of wisdom to bestow on this grateful recipient! So far I have treated it like a regimen so that I make sure I have time away from my computers and just MAKE work without those distractions, and put myself in a social environment. It’s a win win!

Come and visit me at my studio this weekend!
Stroud Valleys Artspace, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Friday 5th 6pm – 9pm, then Saturday 6th – daytime

I will be in the studio making and possibly drinking the odd mug of mulled wine, so come on down and say hi!

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