Im not one for festivals- I’ve never been to one- but with 3 holidays to look forward to this year it has dawned on me how ill equipped I am at dressing for the summer. Perhaps a side effect of living in Britain. I goddam love this beautiful country but there is certain lack of vitamin D that residents needs to put up with!

So. Beachy style escapes me; I don’t own a floaty dress. I don’t do flip flops. I don’t own a swimsuit without a sporty logo. And I think I’ve forgotten what a bare leg feels like! Realiation: I need to go out and find lots of gorgeous summer styles stat! Oh what a problem. A beautiful problem!

I scored this flower-power dress from Etsy some months ago and have hung it on my wall, figuring out how to wear it, letting ideas ‘marinate’. Hang a bag with it here, a coat on top of it there. I needed to work up to it- wearing long skirt shapes is something foreign to me as I hadn’t worn a long skirt in nearly a decade!

The dress is already quite full on, with warm deep plums mixed in with neon-pastels. But on its own it felt a bit flat or obvious. So I turned up the volume even more with a polkadot black and gold bib. The floaty fabric is divine and it feels very lady-like compared to my usual mod mini skirts.

Dress } Etsy. I asked the seller loads of questions and was so chuffed when it finally arrived all the way from the States.
Top (with ruffle, worn underneath) } thrifted. T’was once a drop waist dress in sad condition which I rescued from a charity shop and made in to a top. Estimated late ’70s/early ’80s based on label, style and fabric. Black rayon-type fabric with fading gold polkadots on it.
Low peep tow clogs } Lottas Clogs. Of course. Black leather, classic shape, super comfy in the heat.
Lips } Illamasqua in Box. Retro formulation and a forties style shade. I think this colour has just the right amount of blue in it to suit my olive skin tone.
Smokey bronzed eye } Collection 2000 new Bronzed Eyeshadow Pallet. I’ve swapped my kitten flick for some effortless smokey, smouldering vibes. This won’t melt off in the heat, and even if I take a dip I won’t emerge looking like a panda-eyed medusa. Easy peasy.

Gotta love a bit of frill. I usually don the sharp collars but I also love the floaty, feminine movement of this kind of ruffle neck detail. It makes me think of a deco bright young thing vibe but also of the revival of this time later in the early seventies bohemian era. It’s boho chic plain and simple, whatever the date- and I think I’m digging it. Now all I need is some flowers in my hair and a joint in my hand- and then I might consider going to a festival. Next year….

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