Recently I was checking out the Marrimekko AW15 collection and they have this incredible fuzzy ultra-coat in the most perfect shade of orange and I instantly realised that I needed something like that in my life. Now, I have never considered orange to be a colour that I needed in my wardrobe, makeup bag or indeed anywhere on my person. It never occurred to me that this colour could be chic. Tell me about a fuzzy, bright orange coat and I would picture a hippy affair, which would be worn with Crocs. Hem, no.

Enter: this beauteous, original 1950s princess cut, to-die-for coat of my dreams. Randomly found on Etsy, in exactly my size, the perfect shade, in the perfect boucle fabric. And on sale. It had to be mine!
I’ve not taken it off since I got it and I’ve not worn something that has attracted so much attention in a while! Its causing quite the stir- and frankly I’m being upstaged by it!
But I’m not complaining! Comfortable, effortlessly chic, ideal for these mild spring days and the perfect partner to warm pastels and gold pieces in my wardrobe!

It seemed to me like orange was this new colour to explore and experiment with. Focusing my brain on this shade I succeeded in scoring some serious thrifty goodness! Welcome to my collection: orange vintage belt, peachy baby doll dress, apricot stockings (you know I love a leg colour to tie in with the outfit!) and even a clutch bag. They all go together well and I end up looking like a candy-cane. I’m OK with that. Next stop: summery orange lippy!


Incredible coat of my dreams } Vintage 1950s, Episode Vintage via Etsy
Peachy fuzzy dress } Vintage 1960s, Beyond Retro
Turtleneck worn under dress } Zara last year
Opaque white tights } American Apparel (they do the best colours!)
Insane gold brogues } Miley by Miista, nearly sold out. (I got the last pair in my size!)

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