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Miista Hits Redchurch Street

“Miista” pr. /m.iis-ta/ alludes to the art of mixing elements to form new configurations

I’m sure you’ve noticed the pair of gold and white shoes that I wear day in and day out (I try and wear other shoes, honest!). I always get asked where they are from and I’m still surprised when people haven’t heard of the name: Miista. The word is spreading however, and now they have a permanent store in London, so there’s no excuse not to head over there as fast as humanly possible and check out their wares in person. Like me.

Perfectly situated on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, it seems like the most natural habitat and move for a brand of this uniqueness and calibre…

The store is just as beautiful as I knew it would be; a cross between a stylish home and a gallery, with natural rugged tones and pops of vintage glamour. Artfully curated, it is less of a shoe shop, and more of a well-styled space which happens to have shoes in it.

More than anything though, it’s so wonderful to finally see the designs in all their glory; to be able to touch, to feel, to see my most-coveted designs from every angle that previously I’ve only been able to admire through a screen. Plus, if you have high-maintenance feet, you know how important it is to see shapes in the flesh, to know whether they’ll actually fit those awkward tootsies (or is that just me? Sad face).

This space continues to tell the Miista story: designed in Hackney, fabricated in Spain, and made for even the most discerning shoe lover. Expanding and evolving organically, they take an innovative business approach, being unusually transparent with their inner workings thus inviting their audience in to the Miista fold and building cult status.

“Elegant Balance In The Unusual -
Led by award-winning designer Laura Villasenin, Miista has carved itself a rare niche amongst some of the industry’s most innovative brands”

It always makes me so happy to see brands I respect doing so well, and Miista have gone from strength to strength, cultivating a dedicated following and have gained recognition and endorsement from some seriously big potatoes such as Harvey Nichols. Personally, I feel that Miista offer something that is ‘Other’. It gives women the chance to wear something other than the trend template, other than the mainstream; otherworldly and elevated. High quality and unique design but still at a relatively accessible price point. I don’t feel like I’m being put in to a style box when I shop Miista; I might wear my unapologetic and abrasive gold and white brogues, or it might be an elegant, tapered heel – either way I can wear them with style and attitude – and feel like my best self.

If I could be their ambassador that would be just fine by me and I look forward to welcoming another pair of Miistas in to my life in the near future. In the mean time, I highly recommend you get your butts down to the store if you’re in the covetable area of Redchurch Street (Aesop is just next door, need I say more?) to meet the lovely staff and lap up the IRL shoe shopping experience that a website just can’t offer. Ready? Get set, GO.

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