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malthouse emporium

Being a vintage obsessive I naturally accumulate, hoard and generally attract vintage goodness- my collections make my home seem like the walls are papered with garments; they come at you from every minute crevice I have found to store them!
But as I have endeavoured to wear more of my favourite clothes every day, I also mean to get rid of clothes which I love but never wear. Perhaps they are too big, too small, they need repairing but in the years that I’ve had the thing I still haven’t found the time to do it. You know what I’m talking about! Gorgeous vintage clothes languishing and not fulfilling their purpose in being worn, seen and enjoyed makes me sad. You see- I’ve thought far too much about it!

Long story short? I’m selling!
A fabulous new vintage arcade, Malthouse Emporium, opened up in my town recently and I saw it as the ideal moment to get myself a spot, set up shop and have a bit of fun with it, while making a buck or two. (Er, not for more clothes. Not for more clothes!)

I scored a set of tablewares when out thrifting last week and usually I wouldn’t get it just because I don’t have space for huge sets, but it was perfect timing: I picked out the few that I could house and the rest have gone to the stand, on to their next adventure!

I’ve already been able to get loving new homes for perviously unworn items which I couldn’t resist in the charity shop but which really weren’t destined for moi. If you’re in the area- or even if you’re not- its really worth a visit. Two huge floors of furniture, clothing and curios and all at really reasonable prices its super accessible.

In Stroud, Gloucestershire. If you’re not local why not make a day of it? Come on a Friday and visit the Shambles Market in town while you’re at it for even more thrifting hits!

What have you thrifted recently? I’d love to see what you scored!

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