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When opting for the country life one must sometimes give up the delights of the city. For example, I can’t get a Monmouth piccolo during the week, nor can I pop to my local newsagent and find an excellent selection of obscure art and fashion magazines. What I do have on my doorstep is the option for free range goose eggs (“only £1 each you say?!”) and not much else that actually matters when London Fashion Week is on. Particularly when you don’t have space in your schedule to go. So, let me share the shows that I have been enjoying this week, albeit via a 15” screen, and let’s lament together.


Under the direction of Joseph Font, this fashion label makes my dreams come true- literally, I have dreams about fantastical, ethereal and yet somehow urban attire, and this is what this collection does for me. The Delpozo philosophy is to create ‘unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman’ and this makes perfect sense when you view collection after fantastic collection of utterly fanciful yet strangely wearable, garments. Goodbye bad hairs days and hats blowing off in the wind. Hello toasty ears and protected ‘dos.


I think it’s sometimes easy to mistakenly identify top, mainstream fashion brands with their commercial lines – scent and purses in abundance in Selfridges whatever the season – not necessarily for innovative style and design they roll out each season. But when clips from the runway from this show hit my eyeballs I was full of regret not to see these fantastic pieces in the flesh. I love the attitude of the entire show; the collection, the fact that the catwalk was in the street, the models collecting by the sidelines in their own industrial-style chair, complete with selfie-stances: very cool, very urban, very get-off-my-stoop. Luckily they’ve made a film for clots like you and I to recap the show online here.

This article wouldn’t be complete without the cherry on the cake (that we didn’t eat) and that is Anya Hindmarch. You might only be mildly aware of this name as entering your consciousness via the bag for life, but I don’t think you’ll be missing her next show; I certainly wont be that’s for sure…

I loved everything about this show, from the exquisite detailing and intricate structure on every garment and the classical soundtrack, to the snowy mountain runway twinkling under the Northern Lights. I realise how bad I am at describing fashion when I describe this collection as: Mountain yetty meets bag lady. Eloquent, right? But watch the show and you might know what I’m trying to say. I was totally seduced by the Mod-ish carefree bare leg and sock, the shape of the hat and the way that the sunglasses fit over it and become one piece: our Anya girl is about to ski down the hill towards the nearest town to buy a pint of milk, with her adorable 3 compartment backpack. Snow boots are for losers, she has her yetty slippers. Those ombre wraps are just IT.

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So those are my picks for this seasons fashion week, I could have written about many, many more designers but this post would just go on and on! Did you manage to hit up any of the shows this season? I’d love to know which shows had you salivating. Let me know over on my socials @sarikathakorlal
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