i try my hand at weaving

leto & ariadne headquarters

On Friday I spent a glorious day weaving with Nick Ozanne; friend, master weaver, award winner and the creative force behind luxury brand Leto & Ariadne. As Nick prepares to open his studio for weaving courses later in the year he invited a few friends around for an impromptu lesson in the art of weave to see if the space would be suitable, with the promise glugs of tea and cake. Of course I jumped at the invitation. Duh!

Known for his exquisite hand woven silk scarves, Nick is something of an authority on this subject and he blew me away demonstrating his entire process to produce one scarf from start to finish.

The studio not just a place of creativity; it’s a place of intrigue. Every shelf- every hook- is home to a mini installation of curated beautiful objects but the space is personal and unpretentious. A shelf full of vintage cameras here, a collection of jars of shells there (an award amongst some potted plants over there!). The yarns and books on shelves are organised by colour and beautiful plaited reams of prepared warps are hanging on the wall ready to be used.

(Check out Nick’s fabulous crockery collection! Envy is thy name!)

I haven’t used a loom since my art school days but in light of my recent cross stitch obsessions I could see how this offered a similar attractive rhythmic quality. Once I knew what I was doing, I couldn’t stop and just wanted to do it quicker and loved the ambidexturous nature of it.

I cannot wait to receive the pieces which I made on the day- I suspect these made be destined for frames as the threads are so fabulous. Nick will begin hosting courses in his studio in the coming months and I cannot recommend them enough. For more information visit his website here.

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