In Pursuit of Gwang #001

Laidbare Skincare

You might remember a few weeks ago I announced the start of my In Pursuit of Gwang skincare series, and I’m really happy to finally be able to kick things off with Laidbare Skincare. I’ve been testing out these products for a good few weeks now. Discovered by chance in a local whole foods store, it was the beautiful packaging and tongue-in-cheek product names that first caught my eye, but the brand ethos and natural ingredients really made me excited to try them out.

First impressions

Really affordable price point, I purchased 5 products from the range which came to a delightful £30 mark. Beautiful, natural scents and each product feels like it is packed with good ingredients. I noticed with all of the products I tried that a little went a long way, which is really fantastic as it’s even better value for money than I already thought. The packaging is compact, so ideal for travel too.


Would I repurchase? Most definitely. I’ve been using the DIY! Two in One Cleanser and Toner face wash day and night and it feels thorough but not over-drying and really gets in to a good later with only a little product. It’s also designed to remove eye-makeup and even though I was rubbing it gently in to my lashes, it didn’t irritate my eyes – and was very effective at getting the makeup off!

After rinsing I leave my skin damp and pat on one pump of the From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum which feels really calming and nourishing on the skin. It really soothed my sensitive red patches which was a real bonus. My skin is parched at the moment, so I can use this serum day and night without being overloaded, but you might only wish to you use this at night if you have more oily skin. Vitamin C works best out of the sunlight anyway, so it would still beneficial for sure.

I let this sink in for a moment and then I go in with the Working 9 to 5 Anti-Ageing Hydration Cream – the scent is fresh and floral and again, a little goes a long way. It is light but not thin so it still feels very nourishing.

Finally, I finish up with the Pack Your Bags Eye Cream before bed, which I warm up with my finger tips and then pat on in my best Korean imitation. It’s hard to tell if preventative products do anything, as they work on a longer timescale of course. I didn’t notice much in the way of brightening (which is what I need in this area) but I did notice a definite tightening, so this would be the perfect product for you if that’s what you need.

I will definitely be repurchasing the face wash and vitamin C oil as staples in my routine, I thoroughly enjoyed using them and suspect that these have helped reduce the redness in my cheeks which is SO great. The face cream sadly still irritated my sensitive areas occasionally but I think that has more to do with my skin and how much I rubbed when applying it, so if you have more normal, balanced skin then I still think this would be a great product for you. As and when this issue subsides I would be very happy to repurchase!

Overall – a wonderful brand in my opinion, the products of which are ideally suited as staples in the bathroom cabinet. It seems that I chose items that make up their ‘Easy breezy 24 hr skincare regime’ and I couldn’t disagree with that. Although naturally scented I don’t find the products to be overly feminine or flowery, so I don’t see why this range wouldn’t also suit the men and children of the household.

Some of their other products are so intriguing: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow – a hair minimising cream for the legs and body (!) and For Richer For Porer face mask – well, anything that has the word ‘miracle’ attached to it gets my attention! (Almost as much attention as my actual pores fact!) I really want to try this one. I’m also tres interested in their Spot the Difference Treatment Cream is (3 guesses what that’s for) containing an intriguing mix of caffeine, horse chestnut oil and chrysanthemum! They also offer Skincare Kits which make for easy choosings with targeted skincare. So helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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