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Jenny Bird

As someone who has spent years wearing heavy body jewellery (of the piercing and tunnel variety) I’ve been very committed to steel and I have found it hard to find fine jewellery that really excites me, whatever the price point. Not so with Jenny Bird. A pair of beautiful earrings by this designer made a quick appearance in a recent video by my girl Jenn Im, and I immediately googled the brand and instantly fell in love with everything on the site.

I find that Jenny’s work has the perfect amount of feminine luxe and edgy fierceness (that’s a word right?). I also feel that the quality and price point is just the right balance for daily investment pieces: it’s a million miles above cheap and cheerful fashion jewellery, while still being good quality and affordable enough to wear on the regular. You also don’t have to skimp on the impact of these pieces, they still promise that ‘statement’ element. It’s all rather elevated, grown up and chic, and I’m very in to it.

What I love most about Jenny’s designs is that they seem to work with the body, rather than sit on it, and I found reading about her creative approach so insightful. With twinkling, detailed components, her work just glitters around the body, truly adorning the wearer and drawing the eye to a particular area of the body- which is what jewellery is all about after all. Wear it up, wear it down, wear it with nothing but your Chanel No 5 – I think all of the above would be pretty sensual, and well, pretty. Here is my lust list from the current collection, take a look at the brand and let me know which pieces you are lusting after.

My ultimate favourite piece is The Raya Ear Jackets. If you follow me on Instagram you might remember me mentioning that I was moving away from my stretched earlobes after at least 15 years of stretched ears (hello I’m old!) so that I can have freedom with normal earrings again. To be totally honest with you – it was seeing these earrings which finally made me take the plunge and start making the change. Now that I’ve discovered these puppies I want to procure and wear them as soon as humanly possible. Also how fabulous would it be to split the pair and give one earring to your BFF?! You heard it here first guys. Frenchy, I’m lookin’ at you girl.

Check the rest of my top picks out here…

The Jane Choker Pollux Ring Arc Pendant The Raya Choker

From my selection it’s clear that I’m on a gold kick at the moment – maybe something to do with the fact that steel is silver y’all (did I mention the 15 years?) but all these pieces come in a variety of finishes so you can always select the design you want in the colour that’s right for your style and skin tone. Let me know which pieces you like from the range and if you know of some secret UK stockist PLEASE hit me up! In the meantime I’ll be drooling over Jenny’s insta for some minimalist-with-edge style inspo!

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