I’ve been suffering from a bad case of ‘Vintagitis’. You know the problem. Your wardrobe is chock full of vintage clothing and all you feel like wearing is an oversized smock. Bored of high waisted pencil skirts and cropped sweaters, I’ve been wanting to work with more modern silhouettes. I found a couple of refreshing pieces for my summer wardrobe and won some spectacular eBay auctions too, so I thought I would share the best of the bunch with you.


Lucky eBay steal number one! With it’s lightweight woven fabric and nice detailing, the term ‘dungarees’ doesn’t really do them justice. They’re so easy to wear but are also slightly on the smarter side than the usual denim variety. This makes them great for dressing up or down, and perfect for keeping cool in the summer. Nice and easy, that’s how I like it. The clothes, not the hair dye of course.


These shoes are from the first collection Finery London ever released and I have been eyeing them up ever since. These were the best eBay score of the bunch, which I won for a song! For me they tick all the boxes and they also come up narrow- and my feet are NARROW let me tell you. So narrow in fact that most shoes just don’t fit me, and the previous owner was selling them as they were too narrow for her normal feet! These are a size 7 and they fit me perfectly. I like to think it was meant to be (*gazes off in to the distance blissfully).


This pale blue lightweight cotton is all over the high street right now, mostly in the form of ruffled off the shoulder breezy tops and dresses. No complaints from me about that! I haven’t yet found the perfect ruffle number for me, but I did find this button down when I was on Carnaby Street last week and I had to take it home with me. It’s not like anything I’ve ever owned before; pale blue isn’t normally a colour I gravitate towards and truth be told I wasn’t 100% convinced when I was in the fitting room but it just felt SO nice on the skin, so light and free that I just thought- I need you! This ensemble has been keeping me cool in the current heatwave and although I feel slightly like I’m in a chic hospital gown, I don’t care. Judge me all you want – I feel as free as an origami bird in it! Pop that collar and pair with some bad ass shoes and I’m done.


Last but not least is another Monki find. Is it a dress, a tunic, or T shirt? I’m not entirely sure and I’m OK with that. It has the perfect stripes and gorgeously soft jersey fabric. I’ve been wearing it with leggings and my new Clarks Tri Nova sandals for a monochrome edgy vibe, or over plus-fours for an even more exaggerated silhouette. It’s just gone on sale and I’m tempted to buy another one!

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