a skincare journey

In pursuit of gwang

*definition of Gwang: a Korean term that describes glowing skin

Skincare? Beauty? It’s not really something that you usually get from me, is it? Sharing cool new design brands – that’s what I love delivering to your inbox! Recently however, I started to go though some changes with my skin. I couldn’t find anyone else discussing the same issues or the same products that I was trying out, and came to the conclusion that my sharing of great brands shouldn’t be restricted to the wardrobe! Starting a mini series of my skin journey here on the blog seemed like the natural course of action – I hope you think so to! This post is the jumping off point:

My face is 33 years old. I still get carded when attempting to by booze but feel its time to start getting all anti on that ageing.
I have slept on my face for most of my life.
I have dullness.
Blocked pores.
Dark-spots and hyper pigmentation (asian girls, you feel me on this).
Red, bumpy, irritated patches – perhaps rosacea or eczema? These issues make me sad and concerned, as I you can see in the above shot. The main area of redness is inadvertently concealed my huge hands too… An accident? Maybe, maybe not!

(No, I mean, like really, really, basic. It’s shocking how basic.)

  • Superdrug’s own brand Eye Make-up Remover (crazy cheap, removes even the most fierce liquid liner in seconds and is super gentle. WAY cheaper than Bioderma, and better, in my opinion. A bold statement, I know, but one I stand by)
  • Neutrogena Facial Wash (Basically shower gel for the face. Used in the morning to refresh, and a double cleanse at night to clean)
  • Aveeno Oat Lotion (Super gentle, thick but not heavy. Really nice to use all over the body even on the lips. It’s soothing and un-fragranced; definitely one to try if you have sensitive skin!)
  • Argan+ Moroccan Rose Lip balm. Used all day, erryday day as it’s such a pleasure to apply. (This will be staying in my rotation for sure. If you like the scent of rose and having baby soft lips, go to Waitrose to this NOW.)

You see? I wasn’t kidding. Basic and all easily obtained from the local supermarket or drugstore. Nothing fancy to see here!

To have incredibly, clear, glowing, skin, free of red itchy bumps and dark spots! (Why is that too much to ask??)

One day I went out and spent a load of money on make-up. When I got home I considered my loot and thought to myself “why didn’t I just spend this money on skincare and making my skin actually look good, rather than covering it up?

I definitely LOVE makeup for all it’s expressive and ritualistic qualities, and I always will- but what if I spent the same energy on skincare as I did on makeup?
Perhaps I’m just at an age when I want to invest in my body and preserve the goodness that I have- and although I still really rate the product I’ve been using, I think that the time has come to crank things up a notch and really address specific issues and examine what my skin needs.

If you think this might be useful for your own skincare, love discovering new brands, or are just nosey and want to see what I’m prepared to put on my face, then subscribe using the box below to catch the first instalment of this blog series. I’m kicking things off with a few new, lesser-known brands that I’m really excited to share with you. I’m also really interested in French and Korean beauty brands as they are making great strides in the skincare market and even their makeup products are packed with skincare benefits…lots more on that still to come!

Can I get that *GWANG? Read on dear friend and we shall find out together!

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