I'm not dead....

Im just super busy!

I usually restrict blogging to information that I really want to share with others- new cool vintage stuff, thrifting, amazing artists and exhibitions – you know the stuff. But today I realised that after 6 increasingly manic weeks blogging has fallen to the wayside. And this is by no means due to a lack of enthusiasm for writing, or because I don’t have anything awesome to share with you. I’ve got LOADS to share with you – the only problem is that it’s all happening at the same time- NOW!

So I thought we were due a little catch up. Firstly, I’m preparing for Open Studios next month. This will be my first year and I have got lots of ideas up my sleeve to make it fun and fresh. I will be using this 2 week period to trial-test some new pieces for my accessories collection, so I’m really excited to share those with you. There is sure to be some sample sales too, so keep those eyes peeled for updates!
If you follow me in Instagram you will have seen some of my studio shots so you’ll know that Im working with a very bright and playful colour palette at the moment! I will be sure to post all the details of open studios very soon.

studio pic

Secondly: I’ve been wanting to experiment with film for some time and finally decided to dip my toe in to the pool with the perfect first project; an experiment with my homegirl and collaborator Frances ‘Frankie’ Crowley. As we are both newbies at this I’ll admit I’ve been slower than a slow thing at getting my head and my software around this editing lark. I’m getting there, but oh so slowly. Here’s a still to wet your appetite (what a babe!).


On top of that: I’m moving house. It’s all terribly exciting, as we are upgrading big time from our lovely but modest flat in to a huge space in a beautiful old building. Once we are all moved in I hope to do a bit of a home tour; I’ve never done one before as I’ve never stayed in one place long enough for me to really do everything I want with it, but we are doing it right this time. And as I am a big time coveter of other home tours I thought it was time I ‘showed you mine’ so to speak. It’s only fair!

One cool thing I can tell you about: Caboodle magazine. I have to be completely honest and say that I’ve not had time to read it cover to cover yet (as I am so busy of course! Duh!) but from everything that I have seen, it really looks like a fabulous pub to get in to. Go ahead and check them out here, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Phew! So you see? Lots of mega exciting stuff happening over here- all of which I cannot wait to share with you. But while I might be quiet over here on the blog don’t forget you can always catch up with me on Instagram or Twitter (@sarikathakorlal – you know the drill). Head on over and say hi!

Thanks for stopping by!

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