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This week I was treated to an evening of inspiring talks from a panel of successful girls in the creative sector. Hosted by the marvellous Betty magazine team at The Hoxton in Shoreditch, this weeks’ Girls Club Make It Happen was all about giving advice and tips to other girls looking to take their creative business to the next level.

The panel of speakers was amazing, featuring cake sensation Lily Vanilli dress designer Coco Fennell and my most favourite of Girl Bosses Leona of Lucky Dip Club, so I won’t deny it I was doing some major girl crushing all night! Our hosts of the evening were also Charlotte and Charlotte, the duo behind Betty magazine, and they were just as charming, fun and inspiring as the speakers.


Their statement that Betty is for ‘girls’ and that being a girl is a state of mind, not an age bracket; and that the event was about nurturing a supportive rather than competitive network, was so refreshing.

In classic Betty style there were delicious cakes, gorgeous Coco dresses and cocktails in a room full of hot babes. And goody bags chock full of Betty stationery and (I gasped to discover) even a Lucky Dip Club box! Being a mega fan of LDC and Betty I had to share an obsessively step by step unveiling with you….


Stage One: teeter over cutting and unpeeling things you know you have to but really don’t want to because they’re so darn cute and perfectly assembled!


Stage Two: squeal with every new layer which is uncovered to reveal even more deliciousness! Tearing open the cute sticker and tissue was worth it in the end!

Stage Three: Be happy and wear a donut necklace! Then succumb to an instant addiction and subscribe to LDC so this happiness will come each and every month.

dot dot

All in all, it was a fantastic event, beautifully curated, and I definitely came away with a few ideas in my head on how to take my own business further, with the advice from these 3 (or should I say 5?!) remarkable GIRLS. I can’t wait to see what the next Girls Club holds!


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