To say that tickets to the first Lucky Dip Club Meet Up would be ‘hot’ would be an understatement. I know that you are well clued up on the rise and rise of Lucky Dip Club (if you don’t know then- quick!- catch up here) so I know you’ll understand what I mean when I say that it just HAD to be a Bibelot team outing. This revelation was later followed by much bed trampolining and high-fiving when we got confirmation that our names were on the all-important guest list. I wondered vaguely whether this amount of excitement was disproportionate for an event- in between fantasies of Vicky’s donuts and wonderings about Hollie Harris brooches (oh! which one would I choose?!)….

bag 1

A fan of Leona since her Thrift-ola days, and the first to blog about her phenomenon business Lucky Dip Club, I could be considered a hard-core fan of this serial entrepreneur. But really I think I just like people who are passionate about what they do- and you don’t get to create something of this caliber without the passion! It was a predictably fantastic evening full of loads of amazing people. The Bibelot crew and I had basically the best fun EVER. If you missed out we will have the details of the night over on the blog for you to enjoy shortly. In a sugar-induced frenzy I travelled the long way home in the wee hours with my goody bag and managed to not eat or sit on anything. So as it’s now the morning after, let’s do an un-party-bagging! (What? It’s a thing!).

bag 3
bag 2
Not just any old party bag but a cult favourite, the mini Sun Jellies bag which I chose in cheerful yellow (it was hard to find anything other than cheerful in fact!) and was the perfect accompaniment to the evening- it’s main purpose to be filled up with sweets and goodies as much as possible!


Hand decorated fluffy-as-hell marshmallows from our Nugget and Mallow workshop, plus some actual professional ones to take home with us. I meant to snaffle home some candy floss cartons as well but I doubt they would’ve lasted 5 minutes!


Beautiful retro-tastic handmade brooch pieces by Hollie Harris, complete with all 3 designs to paint later with lovely brooch backs to attach. The colours that Hollie provided were such dreamy pastels and bright happy colours selecting colours to use was tough!

Finally we also had some ultra-kitsch kitten portrait decorating and fabulous pompom making with Caboodle magazine gals. My examples of craft here are rather sad, but in my defence that was probably down to the fact that I was having far too much fun chatting away with these lovely ladies! I’ve also managed to grab some extra materials so I can keep on perfecting my kitsch kitty at home.


Do check out the full article coming up on Bibelot soon and let me know what you think. Here’s hoping for another Meet Up in the future!

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