Rosy nicholas

dress you up

I’m a huge fan of Rosy Nicholas’ work and her creative approach. She’s the girl making all the raddest work, working with none but the coolest clients and is even endorsed by the likes of Queen Walala (praise you!). And let’s face it she’s my current Insta Girl Crush. She’s the kinda girl I want to be bezzie mates with and visit her studio to understand the workings of her mind and ask her “How do you do it Rosy?” over an iced almond milk latte. Anyone who can work that many pompoms, colour blocks and collages with this much badass finesse is a winner in my book.

So when I heard that her incredible book Dress You Up was about to drop I had to immediately get my pre-order in and could NOT wait to flick through those pages! (I literally put a reminder in my diary for the delivery date. OK that was TMI). I saw the page turning on her Instagram feed and I was sold.

ooh la la!

If you, like myself, have been wanting a new book to get your creative juices flowing, then this is a highly inspirational, fun read* (*translation: drop whatever you’re doing and go buy it immediately before they all sell out! Grab one for yourself and one for a friend- hell grab one for every friend!).
But seriously, most of the time publications within the mainstream market with even a hint of the word ‘craft’ are rather too fuzzy and sickly sweet for my taste. THIS is waaaay too cool for any of that nonsense, but has all the pink, red and gold your heart may desire.

Where do I start? It kicks off with super handy shopping tips and fun basics like pompoms. Then things really get started with amazing flower crowns and metallic bangles! It’s hard to choose but I think my favourites are the super chic pipe cleaner necklace, the faux fur shoe pompoms and the straw ladder bracelets! Rosy has included all the templates and supply sources you will need in order to make your own fabulous creations. Yay!

But to be honest, I think that this book is worth buying as much for the amazing styling as for the content. Each and every page has been designed SO well, with mouthwatering texture and colour, and to-die-for compositions. She’s a girl after my own heart. Absolutely go and buy your copy here (not spon!) you wont regret it. Stalk Rosy on socials with me and watch what amazing creative work she embarks on next! Now, which project to start first……

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And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have you brought yourself a copy yet? What are you planning on making from the book first? I’d love to know! Get in touch on my socials @sarikathakorlal.