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Attribute X Topshop

On Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting the Attribute pop up shop inside the Topshop mothership at Oxford Circus, to finally appreciate all of their pieces in the flesh. I would usually avoid this retail mecca on the busiest day of the week at all costs, but I didn’t want to miss my chance to try some pieces on and see the styles in all their glory. I also had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Shaboo, the Managing Director and drive behind the brand, which was so exciting.

While Attribute is a relatively new kid on the luxury British brand block, the people behind the brand are far from newbies. Vanessa explains that she and her husband have years of experience working behind the scenes in the fashion industry, working with highstreet and niche brands; finally making the bold decision to fly their own flag in 2015.

Designed in London and manufactured in some of the best factories in Italy and Spain, these pieces promise quality and luxury, as well as top marks in style. My first impression of the current collection is that it is suitably London. They have attitude, they don’t subscribe to one look or style and they are unapologetically statement. Some of their most popular pieces to date Patti and Phoenix feature studded hardware (check), a block-heeled mule (check) and a sharp point (check check) – they practically tick every style box that is trending in the big city right now. There are also beautifully luxurious handbags and a few incredible garments too – highly stylised and which pack a punch.

Vanessa tells me that raising a family, juggling multiple occupations and design testing, all while still establishing their place on the market, has been a big learning curve for the couple and their team. They’ve learned a lot in a short space of time but it is clear that any trials have by no means dampened their spirits, as Vanessa shares their story with energy and gusto. I sense them to be a passionate and driven power-couple, who share an exciting vision.

One thing is for certain: with a product of such calibre, the Attribute Girl is casting her eye higher on the horizon. She is no wallflower and is interested in investment pieces. She has left the lower-end of the high street in search of better things that will last forever; she is on the road to Chanel and is exploring other unique luxury brands en route.


This pop up is a perfect example of why I love the Appear Here scheme so much; you can’t underestimate the amount of product testing and exposure that new brands can benefit from by participating in pop ups such as these. And as a consumer, it is my constant pleasure to discover and support emerging brands and if you can chance upon them on the high street then so much the better.

You can find the Attribute stand on the lower level in between the shoes and the fitting rooms. This is their final week of showcasing at Topshop however, so be sure to pay them a visit before the week is out!

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