Back in May I blogged about gorgeous skandi-british fushion homeware brand Att Pynta. This week they immigrated from their usual pitch at Broadway Market in the east end of town, and popped up in Topshop’s flagship Oxford Circus store, by the invitation of Appear Here.

Set up in a minimalist, industrial style pitch in the centre of the main floor, amidst a sea with a strong current of every accessory known to (wo)man, they stood out beautifully. I loved the simplicity of the stand, painted chipboard and scaffold, Appear Here have kitted out this pop up boutique scheme with a fresh and no-nonsense approach.

Kai and Amanda, the Brit and Skandi behind the beauty, are such a gorgeous couple who through sheer perseverance have brought their little brand so far so quickly. This is due to be their only week at Topshop for the time being, although they tell me they would like to be back again later in the year. In the meantime however, they can always be found online and at Broadway Market. As if you needed another reason to visit that excellent weekend hotspot. Until next time!

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I love seeing small brands get ahead and receive the recognition they deserve! Did you see Att Pynta at Topshop this week? Have you succumbed to their beautiful little vases yet? Let me know what you think on my socials @sarikathakorlal