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I came across ATT PYNTA whilst wandering aimlessly down Broadway Market. Anyone who knows this East London bustling food market, teaming with relentless smells of delicious morsels, will know that finding a floral scent which made me stop in my tracks and double back in this particular market is quite a statement!

I had to know what that smell was and the friendly chap at the stand directed me to two candles burning happily amidst various beauteous minimalist objects. Simply: these candles were beautifully packaged and divinely scented. Of course once my attention was caught I was drawn in to all the other beautiful offerings. Ceramics, marble, succulents; minimal design, made in quality, sound materials. Totally timeless and simultaneously bang on trend.


The collection is a blend of pieces handpicked from Sweden and in-house designs. Together it creates a lovely dialogue of curated homewares and accessories which have a design-lead, androgynous, fresh and modern aesthetic. I was so annoyed that I was fresh out of cash and couldn’t snap up anything from the stall!

I’ve since had time get acquainted with the brand online, and let me tell you – you NEED to go and check them out. It’s basically a one-stop shop for a Pinterest-worthy home!
If you’re in to Instagram lifestyle shots, marble table tops, Scandinavian design (who doesn’t like that?) and interiors then this is the place for you.

My top picks


Glazed coffee cups
Beautiful colours and textures, versatile shapes- and such a good price at only £20 for the pair. Bargain.

Pastel pleated vases
These come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you’re bound to find the ones for you. So pretty, so simple and so bloody affordable!

Pomegranite scented candle
Well, I had to choose one didn’t I. There are a few scents to choose from but this was one which caught my senses at the market.
Masculine, sultry and 100% irresistible. And half the price of a Diptique candle. Not bad at all.

Att Pynta will give your home that je ne sais quoi you’ve been longing for. HELLO instagrammable mealtimes! And OH HAI perfectly scented rooms! I feel more relaxed already. I won’t even mind when the candles run out because I’ll have gorgeous jars to put things in on my dressing table. It’s a win win. It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the scented candle world and the Diptique mania is a tough cookie to crack – but I think I’ve found a worthy contender! (Another bold statement!)

Head down to Broadway market if you want to see and smell before buying and be charmed by the lovely people behind the brand, or go online for an instant fix. Their blog features some serious interior porn too, so I highly recommend you check that out if this is your jam.



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{ Photo credit: Att Pynta }