Love Your Walls

Art on a Budget

Today what is on my mind is loving your own space – your home, your interiors, your walls.
As one of my favourite bloggers Abigail Ahern said recently in her post entitled Happy Homes ‘…when you create a connection with objects and buy stuff that you love it’s a no brainer that its going to make you happy…’ and I totally agree with Abigail’s philosophy. As an artist it is probably a given that I find aesthetics and tactile qualities important in general, but I also dont want to surround myself with things that lack integrity, a patina or a positive use. How will cheaply produced, badly designed stuff add to my sense of wellbeing? I get much more pleasure out of even a well made oven mitt than a mass produced blob with some meaningless branding, right? Im not saying I get it right all the time, but its definitely what I strive for.
And the thing is, having cool, meaningful things all around you – whether we are talking found objects (vintage, antiques and so forth) or handmade by artists and designer-makers – is not out of anyone’s reach. I think I could discuss this point for several more posts, and can feel myself embarking on a tangent here, so I wont mention the abundance of junk shops and brickabrac sales where glory is to be found in exchange for some light rooting and a few pounds. Instead the main thing that I really wanted to point out and share with you today, is that there are some really amazing print designers out there who really have great work and at such accessible price points- there’s no excuse to keep staring at a plain magnolia wall anymore! What I will tell you is to check out these good eggs below – it’s really worth considering their work, even if it just opens your eyes to what fantastic stuff is available out there.

First up is Inaluxe a creative Australian duo who have been doing fabulously well, including a recent collaboration with IKEA on a small range of brilliant affordable prints, not to mention their glorious new cushions with urban outfitters – grab these while you can, they are already selling like hot chips! I forget how I found their prints, probably on some internet adventure, but I absolutely intend to purchase a print of theirs very soon. Often inspired by nature, flora and seasons, with a riot of colour and forms, I don’t think you can go wrong here. Take a look:

“…having cool, meaningful things around you – whether we are talking vintage or handmade – is not out of anyone’s reach”

Next on my list are the fantastic and perhaps understated “Calm Gallery”:“ Based in the UK and created by a young husband and wife team (very inspiring!) Lucas and Hayley – I don’t know them personally but based on the high standard and swift success of their business they do seem rather like a young couple with some gumption. They have so many good pieces on their website, including work by fabulous artists such as” James Brown”: and Helen Lang, that I don’t feel I need to go on any more. Suffice it to say, they are great and I challenge you not to find the perfect gift to fit any budget amongst their range. A couple of my top picks below:

Finally – although Im sure the list could just keep going on and on – I would like to make a shout out to Antlers Gallery, a nomadic and dynamic group with frequent pop up shops and an online store. Based in Bristol, I first saw one of their shows in nearby Stroud, and they seem to be going from strength to strength, featuring at this years London Art Fair and recently made it in to The Guardians Top 10 best culture venues in Bristol. Their work is dark, conceptual and varied. I leave you with a couple of their images – the more you look the more you see. Check out these pieces by Rose Sanderson and Rebecca Hiscocks.