At Home

A Mother Curtain Mission

Hello! I have several half-finished projects that have been hanging around the old abode that I want to finally take on, make some bold decisions about, and be able to ENJOY!

First up – Curtains. I have taken on the challenge of reworking a huge set of very lovely but rather dull brown and yellow velvet curtains in to something far more exciting. I have spent too long puzzling over how to tackle this problem, until I asked myself ‘Are you a textile designer or what?!’ and decided to come at the milking cow from a different angle. Armed with a colour palette that will work within the pad, and aspiring to create something a little bit unexpected, I think I am ready to begin cutting. I will also be working with areas of the fabric which are worn away and discoloured with age to enhance and make a feature out of them.

Im thinking triangles. After a breif bit of hunting on Pinterest I came up with a few beauties to use as a visual aid. Above we have design work by legend Alvin Lustig, and below a cool paper design by Mural wallpaper. Now, I know that usually when we think of patchwork we think of bedspreads and twee…. but what about patchwork curtains? Im thinking: block colours and mixed textures?
Im going to experiment with mixing the short pile brown and yellow velvet with a hot pink and a tangy yellow, with black and some natural linen to add a nice contrast of textures and shades.
These ideas often take me so long to actually realise because I deliberate about whether it will all be “too much” – but then I have to ask myself “well, what’s wrong with that?!”