line, form and colour

--brainstorms and paper cuts--

In an attempt to figure out certain things- answer questions, or approach a creative problem, I like to fur to paper and scissors. Collage is one of my favourite ways to explore an idea in a visual way. Here colour, shape and texture can be expressed with total immediacy, which means it’s great for communicating your ideas with others and brainstorming ideas that can be hashed out quickly.
What started off as looking at an issue of Pop magazine, turned to tearing pages out to keep as references, which swiftly lead to cutting ferociously to explore colour contrasting and placement ideas. Collage is totally playful and minimal commitment; just place it and place it again until you find the perfect combination!

Found papers, packaging, objects off the street even- they all have something to offer to a curious mind. Create a visual tool for livening up your style, decor, creative practice. It will help you see what you are missing, what you are striving for, what inspires you and what doesn’t; what YOUR aesthetic is. Its a seriously good thinking tool – and its super fun too!

I have a few last collage prints left in my shop which I made using painted and found papers, along with a variety of printing methods including mono and lino print.
Check em out.

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